We like to deliver the best here at RIPPD Supplements, and after months of planning and innovation we are finally live! It brings great pleasure in knowing that we have put together a unique service that will give our customers exactly what they want. We know what compliments and accompanies the hard work and dedication that you guys put in at the gym, and we give it to you.

We use the best ingredients and formulas to give you what works AND we also give you the best, exclusive gifts in the industry today. Beats by Dre headphones, sunglasses, and t-shirts, what more could lifters want? Headphones and music are a key part of powering through your workouts; this has been studied and proven. For those of you that don’t compete, your competition day is the first day of your holiday. We give you the best designer sunglasses by Ray Ban and Police to compliment your hard earned physiques. Not forgetting the t-shirts that make a statement. All free with individual stacks that include a potent fat burner, pre workout capsules, creatine and a testosterone booster. And we’re just getting started! Research is currently underway for the latest additions to our product line, with brand new gifts.

We would like to here from you, good or bad, so please comment or email us any suggestions on products or gifts that you would like us to launch. People have already been talking on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So don’t miss out! Make sure you show us your support on whichever platform you prefer, and we will keep in touch regularly with plenty of motivation and answers. Let us know if you would like us to raise any topics on our blog! All social links are below:

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